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mireille hassine

mireille hassine

Real Estate Broker

Languages Spoken: French / Français, English / Anglais

About Me: Thank you for visiting my page, I am known for outstanding client service, 24/7 availability, and as a skilled negotiator with my client’s best interest at heart. I believe strongly that its not only my duty to represent you, as my client to the best of my ability, but also to educate you throughout every step of the process, armed with top notch information and market insight, so that you can make the best decision possible. I am honest, sometimes telling my clients things they might not want to hear, but I find it necessary to do so, in order for my client to benefit from their real-estate transaction in the long run. I am a firm believer in protecting my customer to the fullest, so I purchase a little gift, a one-year insurance policy on the purchase of the immovable with PROTECTION ROYAL on every one of my transactions. In conclusion, “I do not sell real-estate I sell Dreams” Thank you for taking the time to read my little message, if you have a property for sale, interested in purchasing a HOME, or start a healthy real-estate portfolio, “I would like to apply for the job!” Please feel free to contact me at 514-812-1680 for references or any questions you may have. Hope to hear form you soon Mireille

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