Politics of online confidentiality

In view of our advertising strategy, we are compiling personal contact information when you register online: most notably your first name, family name, telephone number and email address. As a result, when you visit our website, as well as websites or other online services that post advertising for Royal LePage, your activity is gathered as data that does not identify you personally or directly. The data collected can include the content that you have seen; the date; the hour in which you visualized the content; products that you purchased or the information related to your placement via the registration of your IP address. In continuation, we are gathering data for the purpose of proposing you with more advantageous advertising (with a method called retargeting). In actuality, we gather the information on the website where you have seen the advertisement that we have posted, and more importantly the advertisement that you have cliqued on.

In extension, when you surf the link https://www.royallepagetendance.ca/ as well as other websites, the online advertising networks with which we collaborate can situate anonymous witness files (cookies), on your computer and utilise these similar technologies with the goal of analyzing your activity and understanding your interests online (anonymously). This is for the purpose of offering adapted advertising that is relevant to your interests. If you would rather not receive personalised publicity, you are advised to visit this page to no longer be surveyed by the networks that take part in the analysis of visual publicity. This will not prevent you from seeing publicity; however they simply will not be posted in the frame of the retargeting method.

We do not propose advertisements with regards to your personal information related to your cultural/ethnic background, political or religious affiliations, and/or other information of that nature such as: your membership within a union, your physical or mental health, and finally we do not collect data through your sexual preferences. Uniquely, we can propose publicity targeted through information given by publicists or collaborators, but mostly we collect data on our own. All the information used to deliver targeted advertising is anonymous and is not used with the intent to identify you personally; reassuring you that the method of retargeting is secure.

With the intent to reach an appropriate audience, we collaborate with external advertising networks (our « partnered advertisers »), who help us find and propose advantageous advertisements while you visit a Website or online service in their network. We also collaborate with advertisers to better understand your advertising preferences on various peripherals. Our partners can gather information regarding your online activity on our website, as well as other online sites or services in their network. We equally collaborate with external networks because they have tools to analyze sites on the internet. Notably, these analytical web tools evaluate our sites functionality and usage in the goal that we can continually improve our site and web services. We, and our external advertising partners use session cookies and persistent cookies for the ease of web-navigation; to enhance your user experience; and finally for evaluation and control of the functionality and usage of our website.

To modify or cancel the gathering of your personal data, or to become excluded from future e-mails regarding politics of online confidentiality, you can reach us at our office:

Royal Lepage Tendance

1185, ave. Bernard

Outremont, Québec, H2V 1V5A3




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